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What your business misses without a mobile strategy

Without a mobile friendly webiste – your business is losing money. In today's online marketplace, it's no longer an option to have a mobile optimized webiste, with user-friendly navigation. Over 45% of all Google searches are from a mobile device and 50% of these searches are for local products and services.

Many businesses falsely believe that their website is aleady mobile friendly – in reality, over 90% are not! Remember, today's customer is on the internet – on a mobile device.

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los angeles online marketing
los angeles online marketing

How is DS Technology Consulting Different?

There are hundreds – even thousands – of businesses that offer some of the services we offer, but the number that offer all of the services we offer in one firm combined with our business expereince is a lot smaller number. Because we offer all of our cost effectiver services under one roof your solutions from us fit seamlessly.

No matter if you're a small business looking to build your first website, a big business with big expectations or anything in between, we have you covered.

Online Marketing Success

If you've met with a typical Internet Marketing agency you probably heard all about their agency and their solutions but a very important element was probably missing – an understanding of your business.

We spend time to understand your unique business situation, the challenges and the oppotunities. Then, we build an effective online strategy that starts with understing your competitive environment and then creating compelling marketing messages.  We a strong understanding of your customer we designing your online presence.

We then use search optimization methodology so new customers can find your business and to ensure ongoing success we monitor, test and make changes to keep your business growing.

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